The State of Podcasting in Australia, 2018
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The State of Podcasting in
Australia, 2018

Following on from Soundscape volume 1, The Australian Audio Landscape, our second installment of the Soundscape series deep dives into the Australian podcast audience and landscape. OMD has partnered with a range of podcast specialists to launch Soundscape: The State of Podcasting in Australia, 2018. From podcast usage and habits, to the most effective types of podcast advertising, the study has uncovered an understanding on the Australian podcast audience and the realm of opportunities in this unique medium.


You can download the summary report above or scroll down for an overview of the Soundscape findings and to access case studies, podcast interviews, best practices and the full Soundscape report.

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3.8 million Australians have listened to a podcast in the last 3 months

By 2022, this is expected to increase to 9.9 mil per month!

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Study Methodology


Setting the scene
for podcasts
in Australia.

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We’re in the middle of a revolution right now when it comes to the audio landscape…. It’s a revival really, as podcasts have been around since 2004
— Quote from: Jo Dick, Head of Partnerships, Outdoor & Audio


The podcast

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of Australian adults define themselves as current podcast listeners.


Podcast listener

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The journey, to becoming a regular podcast listener.



The Podcast Cycle



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Finding multiple opportunities to listen



Regular listeners are more likely to tune into a diverse range of genres (avg. of 5 vs. 3 for light listeners), particularly those that are more intellectually stimulating such as politics, history and science.

Regular listeners are less likely to tune into lifestyle and hobbies than Light listeners.


bonding through

- what are the advertiser opportunities?

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Advertising opportunities, examples of different ad types

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Brand ad

Ad types - host read.png

Hosts read advertisements

Ad types - podcast sponsor.png

Podcast sponsor ad

Ad types - host mentions.png

Mentions of products & services by host(s)

Ad types - host read.png

Branded podcast owned by the brand itself



An advertising success story!

Host mentions have a very strong position with podcast listeners.

Regular listeners even like host mentions more than they dislike them – an extremely positive result!

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The more one listens,

The better one likes the advertising!


Regular listeners are much more positive towards ads in general than light listeners.


They seem to appreciate that it’s a value exchange and they are getting a lot of valuable information for free.


podcast value

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It was informative and I forgot I was listening to an ad
— Quote from: A listener surveyed in the case study

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I have my own formed opinion of Telstra, but it is always good to hear of new products in a pleasing way and advertise by trusted people in an informative but pleasant manner
— Quote from: A listener surveyed in the case study
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Podcast is a growing media, and it is reaching a high value consumer base both within target group of niche interest as well as more broader target groups with scale

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Podcasts are unique because consumers are leaning in and are very engaged with the content and the hosts in an intimate setting

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And podcast advertising is unique
in its ability to create a true value exchange with consumers – Consumers want to be educated, and brands can therefore go in depth within their area of expertise.

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It is a great opportunity for brands to come close to the consumer.
— Quote from: Katy Eng, Director of Content Strategy
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Examples of OMD Client Case Studies

CaseS_Clients_Telstra logo.png
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CaseS_Clients_CQU logo.png


The Full Soundscape Report

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